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Category: Minibus
Vehicles in this category: Toyota Commuter
Passenger capacity: 6 passengers + 1 driver
Luggage capacity: 6 standard size luggage + 6 hand luggage
Note: For larger families, golfers & group tours
Category: Toyota Camry or Toyota Innova
Passenger capacity: 3 passengers + 1 driver
Luggage capacity: 3 standard size luggage + 3 hand luggage
Note: The comfortable & inexpensive way to trave

Type of vehicle: *

Car safety seat (for children), Price: B300.00Car(Airport to Garden Hill), Price: B2250.00Car(Garden Hil to Airport), Price: B2250.00Mini Bus(Airport to Garden Hill), Price: B3000.00Mini Bus(Garden Hill to Airport), Price: B3000.00Wheelchair mini bus(Airport to Garden Hill), Price: B4500.00Wheelchair mini bus(Garden Hill to Aiport), Price: B4500.00